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Thermal Gap Filler provides 1.1W/mK of thermal conductivity

This Thermal Gap Filler provides 1.1W/mK of thermal conductivity that can conform to most surfaces. It's perfect for high-value products that you need to keep cool, as it is a poor conductor of electricity while remaining a great conductor of heat! No additional adhesive is required when applying the Thermal Gap Filler, as it is naturally tacky and sticks to whatever you need it to — just be sure that's where you need it!

SinoGuide TCG Series Grease Gap Filler Dispensable Products

Thermal greases play an important role in managing the temperature of microprocessors in electronics. They have incredibly low contact resistances, and are able to completely fill any air gaps left between a processor and the heat removal system when they are applied. Furthermore, they are highly versatile, easy to apply, and reliable, making them an excellent tool for keeping electronics cool and operating efficiently. Temperature management is a crucial component in electronics design; as electronics become smaller and more powerful they also produce more heat in a smaller volume, which if not removed effectively will destroy reliability and significantly decrease product lifespan.

Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad

Leading Thermal Pad, Grease & Thermal Glue Manufacturer in China

Thermal Conductive Pad is design to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and high thermal conductivity. SinoGuide's Thermal conductive pad is very conformable, filled silicone rubber material and has 1-8W/mK based on hot disk thermal conductivity grades. It is easy to fill in air gaps between PC board and heat sinks or a metal chassis.

Effective thermal management in electronic devices

Effective thermal management remains key to ensuring consistent long-term performance and reliability in electronic devices. With an increasing variety of electronic applications demanding smaller packaging, higher power, and lower cost, the need for innovative high-performance thermal solutions, designed for ease of automation, continues to grow.  Because of these new challenges, The pad versions of thermal interface materials are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the electronic markets.    These include lowering levels of thermal resistance over traditional methods, ease of automation, and the ability of reducing part count within the assembly.  All of which can result in overall cost savings. 

TCOOL​ Series Products Effective Thermal management solution for you

The work proficiency of elctronic componets will be seriously affected, if the generated heat cannot be emitted during operation, meanwhile, for miniaturization development directions in large scale intergrated circuit, the problem of heat disperation must be solved immediately. Shenzhen SinoGuide interface materials, as thermal management expert, provides effective thermal management solutions to reduce the thermal resistance, which is thermal interface manterials(TIMs), including gap pad, grease, phase change materials(PCM), thermal conductive adhesives, thermal encapsulation adhesives and insulator and so on. TCOOLTM series thermal products from low level to high level for customer to select.

Cooling Silicone Pad - Thermal Pad

Product information

Cooling silicone pad can avoid the uneven application between the heatsinks and IC chips.  Improve the effectiveness of your heatsink and reduce the operating temperature of your processor, video card, decreasing the chance of premature failure, also serves as electrical insulation and shock absorbers.

TCP600 Series Thermal Gap-pads New Release

Sinoguide Technology now release of the most thermally conductive interface materials on the market today by introducing three new types of premium thermal conductive pad. Based at Sinoguide Technology multi-year thermal management expertise,these three new types TCP600, TCP120, and TCP200 offer extremely high thermal conductivity without sacrificing compliancy or workability. 

High End Thermal Pad with a 50.0 watt/mk Thermal Conductivity

The SinoGuide / mod/smart Ultra Extreme Thermal Pad is a ready to use high end thermal pad. These are custom cut to a smaller, more applicable size. This line of thermal pads are much more effective than stock pads. With a 50.0 watt/mk thermal conductivity these pads will pull heat away from your important components with ease and allow for overclocking as well! SinoGuide pads can be used for a wide variety of applications including laptops, gaming consoles, voltage regulators, memory ICs and much more.

Thermal Pad/ Gap Pad Catalog - SinoGuide Technology

SinoGuide offers a wide variety of Thermal Gap Pad products that are highly conformable and offer excellent thermal conductivity. Bergquist innovative Gap Pads were developed to provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices. 

GPU CPU Heatsink Cooling Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad

SinoGuide Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007, is a leading Chinese developer and manufacturer of products for Thermal Interface Materials(TIMs), for cooling your electronic devices. 

SinoGuide Technology Co.,Ltd have developed a comprehensive range of choices for thermal interface materials which include thermal grease, thermally conductive gap pad, thermal conductive insulators and phase change materials, which satisfy the requirement of heat dissipation well in an extensive variety of applications, as well as widely applied to electromechanical, automotive, telecom and military industries. 

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